sabung ayam

Judi SabungAyam Is Flourishing Through The Online Media

Every country has got some or the other history related to the gambling. Many countries have got history related to gambling with dice games and putting everything to it, as was shown and told in Mahabharata, some used to go to a derby to watch horse racing and put money on the horses, this activity was widely practised in the old Elizabethan time and was mainly practised in England and England occupied provinces, popularly known as the British colonies. Every country has got its own culture and when we discuss about the Indonesian culture, their cockfight also known as judi sabungayam has popularly been there for ages. It’s been a 1000 years since cockfight gambling is been played in Indonesia with time and advent of technology the form and medium of the game must have changed but the rules remain the same.

sabung ayamReasons for decline of gambling in the country.

People and government share a common ground and mentality that gambling is not a sport which should be promoted as it ruins people lives, because they get involved in the game so much that they put everything to it and are left with nothing. Many reason of breakout of affrays and riots take place in these areas as people lose control of their emotions and indulge in activities in which they shouldn’t. Now with the advent of the social media platform the danger can be averted as people don’t have meet at a gaming zone. The gambling can be done online with the help of sites and the judi sabung ayam can flourish without any barriers.

What is in for the player through this media?

When we ask what difference it makes doing it online, well the danger of clashes and raids is averted as gambling is sometimes prone to raids and to avoid it online is one of the safest area. People can put their money without even actually meeting in a cockpit and get a wider variety and choice in the matter of cocks.

Preserving the history and culture

the culture needs to be preserved as it related to history of the country, the game should not be played with the intention of malice and making easy money but should be played zest, zeal and enthusiasm to remember what the game is and what its significance is. The game can be tempting at times but it up to people to remember their limits.