Lesbi show is a highly enjoyable form of striptease that keeps thriving. Where did it come from?

A good lesbi show is a highly popular form of entertainment, and many stag-dos are hard to imagine without one. But everyone can enjoy it – after all, the sight of two hot girls engaging in some pleasurable play is nothing to be missed out on. How did the lesbian show came to be? This article will shed some light on both of these questions. We will cover:

  •   The striptease roots of lesbi show
  •   The modern history that gave rise to it
  •   Its present state

Lesbi show is an offshoot of striptease, whose history goes far, far back…

Striptease itself is an ancient phenomenon – perhaps as old as mankind itself. Some trace it back to the Stone age fertility rituals, others to ancient Babylonia. Rituals involving stripping were certainly to be found in ancient Greece and Rome, the New Testament story of Salome dancing to please king Herod has captured artistic imagination ever since. But it’s still a long distance from what we know as lesbi show today.

The Middle Ages knew brothels, of course, but the entertaining stripping show the likes of which we see today was not in vogue then – at least no records mention it. The late 17th and 18th centuries were marked, in certain aristocratic circles, by hedonism and heightened interest in eroticism, with private raunchy balls and dinners involving stripping prostitutes.

But still, proper public stripping shows started in the second half of 19th century, mostly in Parisian clubs and cabarets. Independently, in the USA, traveling carnivals and burlesques sometimes also incorporated provocative acts in their routines. Yet homosexuality itself was still not socially accepted at that time. There were exceptions, though – as is the curious case of Boston marriages, for example. The first few lesbian shows appeared in French cabarets at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries – and caused a great scandal.

It was the 60s that brought profound changes

The 1920’s could be considered a pioneering era of striptease in both the USA and Europe, with erotically-charged burlesques gaining popularity. In the following decades, in the build-up and aftermath of WW2, the interest in erotic shows waned somehow. The 1960’s, however, brought about turbulent changes societal changes (not only) in relation to sexuality and same-sex relationship. The results of this era of sexual liberation still resonate with us today. Striptease saw a huge revival, with topless go-go dancing venues springing up first all over the USA, then in the rest of the world. Fully nude shows started appearing by the end of the decade. Hand to hand with this development went the feminist and gay liberation movements – you can read about the timeline of the political development in this sphere in the USA here. The 1970s introduced the lap dance, table dance and peep shows. In some cases, even live sex shows were introduced. The ground was certainly ripe for the first live lesbian shows – soon, they started appearing all around. No great fanfare was sounded – suddenly, they were there. And they are here to stay

Lesbian entertainment today

Nightclubs, cabarets, erotic massage salons, private parties, stag and hen parties – today, the so-called lesbi show is legal in most of the Western countries and accessible to almost everyone of age. There are many variations on it too, from relatively innocent cuddling and kissing, during which both participants stay in the underwear, to open sexual acts and mutual pleasuring. The possibilities are wide – but it took decades and centuries for things to come to this point – it’s always good to remember that!

Have you ever experienced a lesbi show – for example as part of a stag party? What’s your opinion on this sort of entertainment? Leave a comment in below – we appreciate it!