online gambling


In today’s world casino industry is one of the fastest growing industry. The online casino is growing day by day as many governmentsare allowing gambling in their country. On the other hand, the online gambling industry is expanding because of the internet explosion. Actually when you will visit a land-based casino their magnificent beauty and charm. There is a group of dancers. Apart from this music is very exciting. So the dance music and many pleasurable gamesare being played in the casino which is enough to attract people. Well, if we talk about online casino there is no luxury in online casino but bonus and many other facilities make then favorite of platform has  Protection and   privacy issue because  while registering we share our credential  on the website so there is fear among players that their credentials will be hacked if they use a fake gambling website.


A great revenue generator for many countries

As many countries support the dg grand casino industry because they believe that it can generate a great revenue. For example in Philippine, you can find many land-basedcasinos, as well as they, have developed an online casino platform as well. If we talk about Cambodia, where the government is finding out an investor who can invest in the casino industry. Well, every country has their own strategy about casino revenue collection. Likewise, if we focus on Russia, where the tax payable is 0%. But in Germany, the tax is announced to be 90%. let’s talk about the revenue collection of the of some country, for example, Las Vegas had collected about $ 26.2 dollar during the tenure of 2017. So there is a difference among countries ideology regarding the casino industry.

The base leads to moral degradation

Apart from the revenue generator, the casino is the base of many local and International crime. Since the casino industry is spread enormously in Las Vegas, today it is the main area of many criminal activities which is growing day by day. There is both type of casino legal and illegal, the illegal casino is mostly focused on money laundering andmuch more criminal activity. This criminal activity includes murder, gun smuggling, trafficking and much other crime. Well, this is the story of Las Vegas but where there is casino industry growing, there is the same condition.


It is really a dubious situation for anyone in order to justify whether a casino is good or bad. Many social cases of abuseare related to the casino industry. According to research the evolution of casino comprises their own effect on the basis of society as well as economy.At the same time, there is no clear view regarding the development of the economy over the social abuse but the government can come up with a great strategic and can balance between both economic and social ethics.