Tips for healthy sex life – list crawler and more

Sex isn’t just for feeling supreme or having fun. Each orgasm generates a gush of oxytocin – a hormone that boosts an individual’s mood. Rolling regularly in the hay may help one sleep better, reduce stress and sadness, curb loneliness, enhance cardiovascular health, and increase self-esteem. Snuggling and cuddling after sex in the sheets with the lover also increases the sense of intimacy, leading to a healthier relationship. However, if someone is looking for a casual play, they can check out websites like list crawler to find someone.

Here are some tips for healthy sex life whatever the case may be.

  1. Communicating more

According to a study, couples who discuss their goals and desires tend to have more pleasing sex. So, hesitating to express what one enjoys and despises is never a good idea.

  1. Spice up!

Pushing the sex boundaries as a pair is a great way to spice up the sex life. One can experiment with foreplay or find different and new ways to touch each other. Playing around with various sexual positions to find the most comfortable and seductive one. Dressing up and pretending to be different characters like student-teachers works great too. Trying out new locations like the kitchen counter, the floor, or the bathroom counter can be effective too. In the case of someone from the list crawler, one should ask if they’re comfortable.


  1. Using the right lube

Women’s bodies naturally produce lubrication, but it can be scarce at times. Vaginal dryness can occur due to hormonal changes around menopause, making intercourse unpleasant and painful. So, condoms should be used with a water-based lubricant.

There are several methods to keep sex life on track, regardless of how big or tiny the problem is. The sexual health of an individual is intertwined with physical, mental, and emotional well-being.