Erotic massage – how to make sense of which is which? The 4 most important ones you should definitely know

Though an erotic massage has hopefully managed to get rid of its mistaken associations with direct prostitution, many people still have no idea how to navigate the sprawling world of this sensual treatment. We’re here to acquaint you with some of its main “landmarks” every true pleasure seeker should learn to know well:

  • The standard erotic massage
  • Nuru
  • Tantra (incl. lingam and yoni)
  • Prostate stimulation

Standard erotic massage is the classic that never disappoints

While every massage in this group can be considered erotic, in the specific context of sensual salon offer, an erotic massage means a concrete procedure marked by a wholesome physical treatment of the whole body by a combination of lighter finger pressure and deeper hand strokes. And when saying whole body, we mean including the erogenous zones. The point is to provide the same amount of relaxation as a regular physiotherapy, while providing added erotic value. The “happy ending”, aka orgasm, is an integral part of the whole package!

Japan has given us a gift that keeps on giving

Even people unacquainted with this sphere of sensual entertainment will have probably heard of nuru, a massage originating in Japan. It’s one of the so-called “body-to-body” massages, meaning you can look forward to the rubbing and sliding of a masseuse’s naked body against yours. The pleasure is only increased thanks to the special seaweed gel with which both your bodies will covered. This special substance not only makes the rubbing and sliding easier, but also magnifies every touch and makes the whole experience so much more sensual than it already is!

Tantra – a rubdown with a touch of magnificence

If there’s a close contestant to the nuru wonder, it must be a tantric massage! Once tantra is mastered, all other massages start to seem like a breeze. This rubdown is characterised by a slow, gentle, almost ritualistic approach. It’s based on the principles of energy transfer and supposes that in order for the energy to flow freely, certain points on your body have to be unblocked first. Tantra’s primary goal is not to grant an immediate erotic satisfaction and it teases and plays with your desires for a long time before letting them out in a final climax. What’s more important, however, is the sense of personal connection and emotional bonding between the “giver” and the “taker”.

It’s also worth mentioning that tantric treatment can also come in its shortened version. The so-called lingam and yoni massages are focused almost exclusively on the male and female genitalia. While still powerful, they don’t offer such complex benefits as a full tantra. Nevertheless, they are perfect for people with little time on their hands to get the full thing.

Prostate stimulation is surging in popularity recently

While this is more of an extra service than a full-body treatment, prostate stimulation is nevertheless featured in the offer of most erotic massage salons and there’s a never-ending supply of men eager to get one. This comes as no surprise. A prostate gland is an integral part of male reproductive system, but it’s susceptible to inflammation and enlargement as we get older. The so-called prostatitis causes urinary problems, painful ejaculation and other problems. A good prostate massage can help in the treatment of prostatitis, not to mention it’s extremely pleasurable. It’s not dubbed the “male g-spot” for no reason. Its stimulation can bring orgasmic states without a direct stimulation of the genitalia.

Now you know the most important treatments that mark the erotic massage world. There are, of course, more of them. Could you name some and explain more? Are you perhaps acquainted with some already personally? How did your experience go? Would you recommend an erotic massage to your friends? What are its main upsides (or downsides) according to you? Discuss below in the comments.